Hypno Gastric Band

Gastric Bandblue-Band-150x150 Hypnotherapy at a fraction of the cost of a gastric band operation (£3000-£4000) and without invasive surgery and dangers as with all major surgery. It is considered by people who have tried to lose weight without success and wish to avoid major surgery.
The Therapist will use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), positive thinking and visualisation during the sessions .There will be 4 sessions at a cost of £350 lasting over a period of 4-5 weeks, you will be issued when 3 CDs for homework and a BMI chart to monitor your progress.

During the first session I will gather information so that the treatment is tailor made to your needs. You will be taught self hypnosis, so that you can use the CDs at home to re-enforce the treatment and prepare yourself for the hypno-gastric band.

The hypno gastric band is fitted on the 3rd session. This normally lasts about one hour using hypnosis to convince the client that they have had the full surgical operation and their stomach reduced to one third of its present size. At the end of this session there should be a change in their eating habits and a reduction of food intake which will results in weight loss.

During the fourth session the client will be asked if they are happy with their band or whether they need the band tightened or loosened. One of the main benefits is that hypnosis addresses any emotional and psychological problems that the client has so that they maintain their ideal weight years after the hypnotherapy treatment.